Stephanie Maedel of Red Deer is the second local to take home $100,000 since the beginning of April, thanks to a lottery ticket she picked up on a recent trip to Winnipeg. Maedel checked her ticket while still in Winnipeg, using the self-checker at a service station 6 times before she could process her win.

“I was in total shock! I had to count all the zeroes.” she recalled. Still in shock, Maedel picked up the phone and called the prize office. “On my lunch I called the prize office and they confirmed it was for $100,000 and it just freaked me out!”

Maedel held on to her winning ticket until she was back in Alberta last week where she claimed her prize. The winner plans on using her recent windfall to put towards her mortgage and investments. She would also love to upgrade parts of her trip she is planning through Europe.

“It still doesn’t feel real,” added Maedel. Maedel purchased her ticket at the 7-Eleven at 1895 Wellington Avenue in Winnipeg.