The Red Deer Regional Health Foundation has paid tribute to Mrs. Joan Donald Jr., by naming the Pediatric unit in her honour.

“Joan was so passionate about this hospital and the children within it. When pediatric care is supported, we are not only addressing the immediate health needs of our children, but we are also safeguarding their future potential. The children in this hospital who receive the care and attention they deserve are more likely to thrive and have a healthy start in life that sets the stage for lifelong success," said Manon Therriault, Red Deer Regional Health Foundation CEO. 

Joan Donald Jr. was an influential donor and volunteer with the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation and other community organizations who support the development of health care infrastructure and programs in Central Alberta. One of her lasting legacies is the renovation and enhancement of the Pediatric unit at the Red Deer Hospital.

“We are so pleased to name the Pediatric Unit after Joan. I think we all know that having a unit named after an individual is extraordinary. Not many will ever experience this occasion. We can all agree that this is well deserved. Joan’s name will serve as a beacon of inspiration for future generations of healthcare professionals, supporters, and community member," added Therriault. 

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