Red Deer Public Schools is once again launching their Life Chances 50/50 Lottery. Ticket sales will be ending October 3, 2023 with the draw taking place on Thursday, October 5, 2023. 

More than 10,400 tickets were sold totaling $23,330 during last year’s Life Chances 50/50 Lottery. A resident of Edmonton took home the prize.

“From giving kids a Bright Start to school to reconnecting with students so they graduate and cross the Finish Line, the Foundation helps students who face challenges in school and makes things better,” said Kristine Plastow, Chair of the Foundation for Red Deer Public Schools. “We motivate struggling students and inspire them to read and write through Reading College. For students who come to school without basic needs, we give them that needed Step Up.”

Hundreds of students have benefitted from various programs through the Foundation for Red Deer Public Schools. Nearly 80 students have ensured they have the best start to Kindergarten via the Bright Start program; more than 700 students have increased their reading and writing skills through Reading College; and more than 500 students, who otherwise wouldn’t have due to various barriers in their lives, have graduated thanks to the Finish Line program. These are just a few examples of the programs that give kids a life chance through the Foundation for Red Deer Public Schools, and which directly benefit from tickets purchased through the Life Chances 50/50 Lottery. 

“All of these programs make a real difference in the lives of kids and help them reach their full potential,” said Plastow.

The Foundation also supports community initiatives which impact thousands of students to enrich their learning. None of these are funded so the Foundation counts on community support to make these Above and Beyond projects happen.

“None of these programs are possible without the generous support of our community,” said Plastow. “We encourage the community to purchase tickets and to give kids a life chance.”

To purchase tickets, click here. For more information on the programs through the Foundation for Red Deer Public Schools, click here.


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