An idea that started several months ago has been brought to fruition at Red Deer Polytechnic. A logo sculpture has been installed on the Polytechnic’s main campus to provide a creative visual representation that encourages on-campus engagement.

“The unique logo sculpture raises awareness about our polytechnic brand and provides opportunities for individuals to take photographs, demonstrating their pride and connection to our institution,” says Richard Longtin, Vice President, External Relations. “Along with current students and employees, we welcome alumni and donors to visit this sculpture on campus and to share their experiences on social media, as they play key roles as ambassadors for Red Deer Polytechnic in the surrounding communities.”

The sculpture, which is located near the institution’s main entrance, was built in the Polytechnic’s Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing (CIM-TAC) from 11 gauge, six by six-inch tubular carbon steel. After the curved sections were cut from steel plate using a waterjet machine, they were welded together and polished. The final piece was powder coated in Red Deer Polytechnic’s lime green by Metalstrip and Coatings Inc., a local supplier.

“The creation and installation of this project was truly a collaborative effort that involved students, faculty, staff, and community business partners,” says Dr. Tonya Wolfe, Director of the Centres for Manufacturing and Energy Innovation. “It also showcases how the CIM-TAC uses advanced manufacturing technologies to enhance current practices and improve outcomes.”

CIM-TAC staff designed and performed the engineering work on the RDP logo sculpture and collaborated with the Polytechnic’s Campus Management to determine the most effective manner of installation. Before construction began, CIM-TAC student interns from the Bachelor of Engineering transfer program visualized how the project would look on-site using augmented reality goggles. This process allowed them to evaluate if design adjustments would be required.

Many central Albertans and stakeholders are still learning about the diverse benefits of the institution becoming Red Deer Polytechnic and this sculpture helps to increase that awareness.

“When the brand of our institution changed this past October, it signaled a new chapter for Red Deer Polytechnic. With increased programming options, including apprenticeships, certificates, diplomas, micro-credentials, and more of our own degrees, we are a destination for learners from central Alberta, the province, and across Canada,” says Stuart Cullum, President of Red Deer Polytechnic. “With a focus on the needs of central Alberta industry and the economic, social and cultural priorities of the province, we are positioned to provide more career relevant education and training as a premier polytechnic institution.”