The Vanderhorst family is from the Red Deer area and they have a very special Valentines Day tradition. 

When it comes to love day, Kris Vanderhorst is not a very big fan but that doesn’t leave her husband Russell without a Valentine. In fact, he has four little Valentines he showers with gifts and a nice dinner every year. 

For the last four years, Russell has been treating their four daughters to a very special Valentines Day ‘dates’. 

“They get dressed up in their fanciest dresses. He even comes to the front door and knocks. They get all giddy and excited and come to the front door and they get welcomed with flowers and chocolates and cards every year,” explained Kris. 

As a mother of four little girls, Kris doesn’t feel like she is really missing out on anything. The time alone to relax is a gift in itself. 

“It's never been something that we as a couple have celebrated. It's just a better opportunity for my husband to show his girls how to be treated,” explained Kris. 

“I want them to end up with men like their father who show love every day. I think that as they're growing up, it's such a good opportunity for my husband to show them love on that day and show them how they should be treated,” she added. 

This year, Russell will be taking their four girls out for dinner and then possibly to Sylvan Lake to take in the lights and even go skating. As for Kris, a little at-home spa day is on the docket. 

“I have a nice hot bath and maybe do a face mask, maybe eat some of my own chocolates. Whatever I want without screaming children in the background,” she laughed.