On August 31, Red Deer Polytechnic recognized employees who made extraordinary contributions in serving students, the institution, and the community over the past year at the 2022 Awards of Excellence.

“Red Deer Polytechnic’s employees are the backbone of the institution. Their expertise and dedication contribute immensely to the institution’s success, and they play integral roles in our trajectory as a leading polytechnic,” says Stuart Cullum, President, Red Deer Polytechnic. “I sincerely thank the recipients and nominees for their dedication to our students, and our polytechnic community. I look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead, as we contribute to Alberta’s economic, social and cultural prosperity.”

The Awards of Excellence are given annually as formal recognition for remarkable contributions from faculty and staff. These contributions may be through innovation, excellence in service, teaching, or leadership, and make a positive and lasting impact in their profession, at Red Deer Polytechnic, or in central Alberta communities.

The Red Deer Polytechnic 2022 Awards of Excellence recipients are:

Excellence in Innovation (joint submission)
Doug MacDormand and Kevin Willoughby, instructors in the Donald School of Business, Science and Technology, see the tremendous value in extending learning opportunities beyond the classroom. They designed and implemented the Dean’s Certificate, which equips learners with business competencies and experiences in fun and innovative ways.

Excellence in Service
Sheri McKenzie, Manager, Health Safety and Wellness, was instrumental in helping Red Deer Polytechnic navigate through the COVID-19 challenges. Using evidence-based practices, McKenzie ensured Red Deer Polytechnic had the necessary information to make effective decisions to reduce the risk and transmission of COVID-19 on its campuses.

Excellence in Teaching
Marilyn Lange is a knowledgeable and inspirational Legal Assistant Instructor in the Donald School of Business, Science and Technology. Lange’s kind and welcoming personality creates a comfortable, collaborative learning environment for her students. Her ability to effectively address the diverse needs and learning styles of her students sets them up for success academically, personally and in their careers.

Excellence in Leadership (three recipients)

Dr. Alison Jeppesen, Associate Dean, Teaching, Learning and Research, is a resilient, agile and empowering leader who contributes to many Polytechnic committees. She has been instrumental in bringing several innovative visions to fruition, including program development. Jeppesen has worked with various groups to help create several of the institution’s programs, including its own Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degrees.

J’Anna Aitchison, Director of Strategic Projects and Integrated Planning, has demonstrated respectful leadership that has spanned across Red Deer Polytechnic. She led the institution’s COVID-19 pandemic response through collaborative efforts, ensuring the campus community stayed safe while continuing to deliver a quality learning experience for students.

Dr. Robbie Halonen, Associate Dean in the School of Arts and Culture and the Donald School of Business, Science and Technology, has demonstrated outstanding commitment and professionalism, using a thoughtful approach to leadership. He has played a key role in the development, refinement and growth of several programs, including the Polytechnic’s own Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and the University Sciences Diploma.

“Our institution is extremely fortunate to have talented employees who are leaders in their fields, and tonight was a special way to celebrate their contributions,” adds Cullum. “Through their efforts, the Polytechnic will continue to increase career relevant education and training, applied research opportunities, and collaborative efforts with companies to support their development.”