Some positive news for consumers on the energy front in Alberta.

The UCP government says it'll extend the 13-cent a litre provincial gas and diesel tax holiday for another three months.

The government committed to evaluating the program quarterly and reinstating it in stages only if the average price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil fell below $90 per barrel. 

For the four-week period ending June 15, WTI averaged $115.88 per barrel.

Albertans will also notice a rebate on their electricity bills next month.

Almost two million homes, farms and small businesses will receive monthly credits of $50 on their July, August and September electricity bills, for a total of $150 in rebates.

And the provincial government says it is reinstating a program meant to give school authorities more fuel price certainty while diesel prices exceed a dollar-twenty-five a litre.

The Fuel Price Contingency Program is to be enacted retroactively to March and remain in place for the 2022-23 school year.