The Outdoor Rink (ODR) next to the Ponoka Arena Complex (4410 54 Street) is now open. 

Throughout the season, Town crews will continue to maintain the ODR by flooding the ice surface and clearing it of snow as needed. Citizens can also enjoy the ODR in the evening as the outdoor lights will operate from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

“Town crews have been working hard to get the ODR up and running for the community, and we are pleased to announce the facility is ready to open for the season today,” said Sandra Lund, Chief Administrative Officer at the Town of Ponoka.

Winter Outdoor Recreation

Throughout the winter season, more outdoor activities will become available, such as cross-country skiing at the Ponoka Golf Course and the skating trail at the Lions Centennial Park.

Updates on when these activities will open for the season will be posted to the Town’s website here.