A 3rd generation refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating mechanic from Rocky Mountain House is in China this week, trying to sell the license to his new grain dryer.

Steven Moore is the Managing Director of Phoenix Agrisystems, producer's of the Drisol Grain Dryer.

Moore says it's the most efficient grain dryer on the market, he explains how it works "instead of having a direct flame and using a direct burner, fire, burner, what we do is we dehumidify the air to an extreme, we take it down to .5 to .7% relative humidity, and then we take that and reheat that.  The differential between the grain temperature and the grain mositure and being 0 mositure or pretty close it, actually moves at a remarkably fast rate".

Moore says he first got the idea for the grain dryer back in 1998 when he repaired a neighbours grain dryer, and he's been working on it ever since.

He patented the product this summer and has sold his 1st unit.