Editor's note: This story may contain language that some readers may find offensive.

The Alberta NDP has called on UCP leader Danielle Smith to remove Lacombe-Ponoka candidate Jennifer Johnson after a recording has surfaced on social media. The voice recording includes transphobic comments regarding kitty litter boxes in classrooms, and chemical sterilizations. 

photo of tweet

On Wednesday, Dave Dale, the NDP candidate for Lacombe-Ponoka tweeted: "Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia, and my UCP opponent, Jennifer Johnson, is still on the ballot despite her recent transphobic & homophobic remarks. She needs to apologize & then she needs to step down."

The recording was from an event in Stettler in September of 2022 for the Western Unity Group.

"When we've got furries in the classroom, do you know what I'm talking about? These kids are identifying as cats and the teacher puts a litterbox in the classroom for them. And girls saying I'm not a boy anymore, when they are seven years old, and transitioning at 14-years-old, and getting double mastectomies. And getting chemically sterilized when they can't even go to a liquor store and buy a beer. And  yet, we are allowing them to be chemically castrated and sterilized."

Myles Chykerda, the Lacombe-Ponoka candidate for The Alberta Party sent a response on Tuesday in regards to the story.

"It's easy to downplay these occurrences of hate when it's some anonymous person driving by in a tinted-window vehicle, but another when they come from an individual who is seeking to become our MLA and take all the responsibilities that go with that position. There can be no room for this kind of hate and intolerance in our Alberta. We cannot have a government that rests its decision making on internet rumours.  And we must not let misunderstandings and unfounded fear shape our community

LacombeOnline has contacted Jennifer Johnson for a candidates profile twice, but she has not responded.