Music in the Park is just around the corner. With the weather warming up, it won’t be long until live music returns to the Lacombe Memorial Centre’s park once again.

This year, the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre is looking forward to putting on a full season of Music in the Park.

“We do actually have a few new performers coming in that we haven't had at Music in the Park previously. I guess the other thing is we're just excited to have a full season back. 2020 was straight across the board cancelled.  2021 we came in for about half a season of Music in the Park. We're excited to begin a full season back from June 1st to August 31st,” said Rosanna  Kerekes, Executive Director of the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre.

She says Music in the Park has been going since 2013. When it began the event kicked off with 30 to 40 people but now crowds can swell to almost 300 people. Kerekes believes it is important to offer the community music and culture for free of charge. She loves to see the community come together. 

“The biggest part that the community loves about Music in the Park is that often the bands are uplifting, upbeat, and kids and everybody of different age groups are getting out and dancing, and just having a great night. I think it’s wonderful,” added Kerekes.

 You can check out the Music in the Park schedule below:

Event poster.

For more information on the performances, click here.