Parents can expect a little relief for their little ones battling this year’s cold and flu season. Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says a supply of 5 million bottles of children’s acetaminophen and ibuprofen will soon be available for Albertan families within the next couple of weeks. 

“Right now, your government is working with Alberta Health Services and Health Canada on the logistics to import this medicine and you can feel confident that we are all moving as quickly as we can,” said Smith. 

Alberta’s government and Alberta Health Services are working with Health Canada on completing the drug establishment licensing approval process. Once the approval is granted, the medication will be delivered to Alberta over 10 air shipments

The medicine will be available at local drug stores. Pharmacies will have the ability to store the medicine behind the counter if they are concerned about their store’s supply. 

“This is really serious if we they can’t get acetaminophen to bring the fever down and that is why we want to make sure parents have access to the medication that they need because if they can’t break the fever they end up in the hospital rooms and that is what is causing the pressure in our hospitals not here but across the entire country,” explained Smith. 

Drugs imported to Canada will continue to meet safety, quality, and efficacy regulations set out by Health Canada. The retail cost to the consumer will continue to be the average cost for this type of medication.