Yesterday afternoon (January 16, 2023), Red Deer City Council received a public hearing regarding the extension of Molly Bannister Drive and bridge. Twelve people spoke either for or against the extension of the road alignment which was given first reading in council in November of 2022. 

The report regarding the potential extension of Molly Banister Drive across Piper Creek recommended Council remove the road extension and bridge from City plans. This means the roadway would come out of the plans, and development of the area could continue without holding space for this road.

Following the Public Hearing, Council considered second reading of the proposed bylaws. The City Council vote resulted in a tie vote, therefore resulting in the bylaw amendment being refused. This means the road extension and bridge will remain in City plans, including the Municipal Development Plan and the East Hill Major Area Structure Plan.

The road extension and bridge would connect Bower Place shopping centre with the vacant section south of the Sunnybrook neighbourhood.