(Video Courtesy of Gary Soucie)

Fire crews spent the night putting out a fire that destroyed one of Mirror’s most ancient buildings.

Mirror Lumber and Farm Supply in downtown Mirror went up in flames at about 12:30 last night.

Crews from Clive, Alix, Lacombe, Bashaw and Mirror arrived shortly after and fought the blaze until late this morning.

Donald Baden was one of the first people to notice the fire and called the police right away.

“I was sitting in the apartment and I could smell smoke so I thought to myself maybe I should go outside and see what was happening.”

“I went outside and the air was filled of smoke so I dialed 9-1-1 and mentioned to them there was a fire in Mirror.”

2017 04 03 Mirror Fire from phone

(Photo Courtesy of Gary Soucie)

Gary Soucie was at work when he saw the building burst into flames.

“A (co-worker) came running in and said the building was on fire so I came up here and called, but the first fire truck was already here and I just watched it burn for about an hour.”

“It was quite the show, I’ll tell you that much.”

Police said they’re deeming the fire suspicious and will continue to investigate. One witness said the owner of the building is currently out of town.

Formally known as Trowels Worthy Industry, the building has been part of Mirror for over 100 years.

This is the second historic building the Hamlet has lost to a fire in just over a year. Mirror’s hotel was destroyed last February.