I was doing some grocery shopping on the weekend and saw a bottle on the shelves that totally took me back to my childhood. The Pop Shoppe, Black Cherry flavoured soda.

When I was younger we didn't drink pop very often. It was usually reserved for a time when we had a large family gathering or for special occasions like birthdays or holidays.

I can still remember how excited my two brothers and my sister would get when Dad would come home with the big red case carrying Pop Shoppe pop. It was a small shop on Calgary Trail in Edmonton and you would trade in your old bottles, and get new pop refilled at a discount. There were other companies similar to it like Pic-a-pop but we always got Pop Shoppe.

To this day I can still remember my favourite flavours, Cream soda (Bright pink colour), Rootbeer, and Black Cherry.

I took a drink today of the Black Cherry flavour and have to admit that it still tasted the same. It didn't really have the magic of Dad bringing it home in the red case, but I was happy to have that moment back of being 6 years old and drinking something so amazing.