Our Sunny Family just got a lot bigger!!!!!

Over the past couple weeks we have had a lot of fun waiting for our newest Sunny chicks to hatch. We were given an incubator from Blue Lotus Acres near Innisfail.

The incubator is part of a national group called Hatch the Chicken. The idea is to watch the eggs and teach your kids or yourself how the incubation works.

Well, early Tuesday morning the chicks started to hatch!! Tank, who was in the office the earliest starting sending out excited, proud Papa, text messages about each egg.

Meet our newest Sunny Family member...Richard Hatch.

The other members soon to be born include:

Sunny Side Up

Benedict Cumberhatch

Gregory Peck

The Artist Formerly Known as Egg

and Princess Egg'n Markle

Thanks to Cheryl at Blue Lotus Acres. If you would like to get an incubator like this, head to https://www.rentthechicken.com/.../red-deer-alberta-hatch..., call 844-310-8782, or email info@RentTheChicken.com