Blackfalds is pushing to have its name incorporated in the Lacombe-Ponoka constituency.

The Electoral Boundaries Commission is reviewing electoral constituencies throughout the province and received input from the public in Red Deer on Friday.

Mayor of Blackfalds Melodie Stol pleaded her case to the commission and said it would be a great recognition towards the town's current growth.

“I think sometimes people don’t recognize that Blackfalds has grown into a town that can stand on its own two legs and is really a vital part of the entire region,” said Stol.

“This is part of our work to make sure that’s acknowledged.”

Stol added Blackfalds has a great relationship with Lacombe and Lacombe County and doesn’t see it as trying to step above anybody, but being seen as equals.

“We’re not much smaller than the City of Lacombe, we have about the same population numbers as the whole County of Lacombe. We all feel that we are on even footing,” said Stol.

“I would like to keep that even footing for our community.”

Myra Bielby, Chair for Electoral Boundaries Commission, said they have jurisdiction to make recommendations to the legislature which includes changing the names of constituencies, but said there are other factors involved.

“We certainly could make that recommendation of Blackfalds being added to the constituency name, but we’ve also heard recommendations to the contrary,” said Bielby.

“There was one fellow that said we should be shortening constituency names to 20 characters.”

Bielby said they are still in the information gathering phase, but will sit down once they are finished touring the province for input and seriously consider it.

There are 87 electoral boundaries across Alberta being reviewed.

Alberta has seen a 20 per cent increase in population since their last review in 2009/2010 and Bielby said the public's input could have a major impact.

“We take them very seriously. We have certain criteria in the legislation that is spelled out and to the extent that their submissions today spoke directly to municipal boundaries, community of interests and geographical boundaries,” said Bielby.

The results of the review will be reported by the commission to the government no later than, Oct. 31.