The Delivering A Better Experience Campaign supporting High River Maternity has received its first major contribution through the Longview 4-H Beef Club's Donation Steer program.  

Each year a steer donated by Durness Angus, Macleod Families and High River Veterinary Clinic is to given the club.  

The steer is cared for, fed and groomed by one of the club members and then it is sold at the Annual Show and Sale with all of the proceeds going to a charity.

This years Donation Steer supported the campaign being put on by the High River District Health Care Foundation.  

The Steer "Cobalt" went on the auction block weighing 1,399 lbs. and sold for $29.50 per pound to the Eastern Slopes Philanthropists, to be turned back in and sold again to the final buyer, May & John Lockhart for $3.60, raising an incredible $46,306.90 in total.

The sale was held Monday, May 22 at Century Auction.  

Couey says "This is an incredible community initiative that not only significantly impacts our local health care but helps to develop strong community minded individuals."