Rimbey Victim Services has partnered with Rimbey RCMP, Ponoka County Fire and Evergreen Coop to Cram-A-Cruiser with non-perishable food, canned good, and self-care items.  

The organizations want to shed light on the fact that hunger doesn’t just happen on the holidays.  

“We normally do a charity check stop in December and we were just kind of talking the other day and we thought people are in need of food all the time. It's not just a Christmas thing or it's not just a holiday thing. People are in need all of the time. Whatever we can do to help out, the better, and we've got lots of people that are stopping by and donating and giving us stuff,” said Kristine Stebanuk, Program Manager for Rimbey Victim Services.  

Along with food, the organizations are also accepting money donations for grocery gift cards. The food will be going towards the food bank, and the Rimbey Library food bank.  

The crew will be located at the Rimbey Evergreen Co-Op until 2:00PM today (July 5, 2022).  Given the great response so far, Stebanuk is hoping the the event becomes an annual occurrence.