Volunteer Appreciation and Dessert Night made a return to the City of Lacombe after a six-year hiatus. Community volunteers gathered at the Lacombe Memorial Centre on April 18th to be celebrated, recognized and enjoy some entertainment.  

Volunteer awards were given to the following people: 

Leaders of Tomorrow

Koel Robinson for his work as a volunteer at the Lacombe Hospital and Care Centre. He was unable to volunteer at the hospital during the pandemic but has returned once restrictions were lifted. At 16-year-old Koel has been volunteering for the past six years. 

Macy Ahlquist for her work at the Broom Tree Foundation and as a camp counsellor. 

"To have Macy as a volunteer at the Broom Tree--she's a coach, she's a camp counsellor. I think it was over 3,000 hours she put in to Gull Lake Centre over the last couple of years.  I don't know how she did that as a Grade 12 student but it's absolutely incredible," said Tamara Noordhof Program Director for the Broom Tree Foundation.   

Adult Volunteer Award  

Jana Fafard for her work with Echo Lacombe Food Rescue. 

Daniel Tol for his work as a Woody Nook Cadet Councillor, Rec Hockey Coach and with the Broom Tree. Tol has only lived in Lacombe for the last 13 years but has been an active volunteer for each one of them. 

“He does everything, like everything. We call him when something breaks down, he does our patio, it’s unreal. He is honestly such a blessing to our community,” said Tamara Noordhof Program Director for the Broom Tree Foundation.   


Adult Volunteer nominees

Jennifer Bruggencate for her work as a director and building committee chair with the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre, 4-H, and the Lacombe Junior High Drama Club. 

Keisha Carmichael for her work as a server at the Broomtree, coach for Lacombe Christian school hockey, and as a Gull Lake Camp Counsellor. 

Karen Grocock for her work for the Broom Tree, MS Society, and school breakfast club.

Helma Tolsma more for her work with the Broom Tree and working as the Lacombe Christian School Hot Lunch Coordinator. 


Senior Volunteer Award

Barry Brouwer for his work with Lacombe Victim Services. Brouwer never misses and Lacombe Victim Services event and is always willing to lend a hand. 

“He’s there for our unit. He’s very supportive and he believes in the mission and the great work we do supporting victims of crime and trauma,” said Debbie Baron, Program Manager at Lacombe Victim Services. 

“There’s nobody like Barry. His leadership is amazing for us and with almost 23 years in August with Victim services, his commitment is invaluable,” added Debbi Gallant, Vice President of Lacombe Victim Services. 


Senior Volunteer Award nominees

Bob Bruce for his work with the Lacombe & District volunteer link and the Lacombe Food Bank. 


Corporate Champion Volunteerism Award 

Joey Ingram for his work as the Board Director, and with the budget planning committee with Big Brothers and Big Sisters Lacombe. 

“Joey is an incredibly individual. He is warm he is so supportive of Big Brothers and Big Sisters with all the financing. He saves our bacon... There is so much work that goes into fundraising. We have such a small staff and they work so hard and Joey has been there through all of it. He's been there for 12 years," said Bev Bachelder, Board Chair of Big Brothers Big Sisters Lacombe