Time is running out for you to get your tickets to the Lacombe Rotary Club’s 37th Lobster Dinner. Every year, the dinner is the club’s largest fundraiser. This year, the event will be held as a Dinner Drive-Thru, with the option of eating meal in the LMC park (weather permitting). 

Rotary Club Volunteer, Ivor Bernatsky says the lobster dinner has always been a real hit in Lacombe. 

“I wasn't around at the very beginning. However, over the 20 years that I've been involved, the lobsters were probably a little bit harder to get way back then. [They were] perhaps a bigger deal at one point in time I cannot tell you what the origin was. I'm not sure why I can only tell you that everybody loves lobsters so that's why we stay with it,” said Bernatsky. 

With the exception of the lobster, the meal will be made up of local food from local restaurants and grocers. The meal will include a half pound of lobster, a baked potatoe, a bun, coleslaw, and dessert. Bernatsky says the community was very generous with helping out with the meal this year. 

“We've been very fortunate to have great sponsors everything other than the lobster we've had donors step up for the rest of the local food. That's been great, and its great support for what we do,” he added. 

The meal is $65 that will be going towards the Rotary Club’s special projects. Tickets for the meal will close on Monday, June 6th at noon in order to ensure that there is enough lobster. 

Each year, we look at what community needs are and decide. We have not earmarked anything yet,” explained Ivor. 

In a normal year, the organization supports students with their annual scholarship as well as sending students to leadership conferences. They have also recently sent six ShelterBoxes to Ukraine. 

The Rotary Club is also in the early stages of putting together a new project for Cranna Lake. 

“One of the projects we're really trying to put together. We're trying to get a plan where we can build a shelter out at Cranna Lake so that people can tie their skates out of the wind and where people can rest. We're even looking at having washrooms out there too. That's a very big, very audacious goal. We're not quite there yet, but we're putting together plans like that,” said Bernatsky. 

You can support Lacombe's Rotary Club by getting a ticket for a lobster dinner here. The dinner will be held on Friday, June 10, 2022 at the Lacombe Memorial Centre.