City of Lacombe has selected two new playgrounds to be renovated this year, including the Hearthstone and The Lakes playgrounds. 

One notable feature of the new playground in Hearthstone is its castle structure making the play equipment fit for any young king or queen.   

Each year, two of the City’s oldest playgrounds are renovated. The Hearthstone, The Lakes, and Westview, and Popow’s Kinsmen Park were all built in 2001. In 2024, the Westview and Popow’s Kinsmen Park are scheduled to be replaced.  

The cost of this year’s equipment replacement was $300,000 which has been covered by provincial grants.  

This year’s replaced playgrounds are projected to be completed by October 31, 2022.  

New playgroundPhoto courtesy of the City of Lacombe. 
Photo of new playground. Photo courtesy of the City of Lacombe.