The County of Lacombe's Lifelong Learning Association (CLLA) will be hosting their first spring Active Living Fair today (May 11). 

An Active Living Fair usually occurs every autumn bringing local organizations together to provide information on local activities. The spring edition of the event will be similar. 

“It's going to be a fun and kind of energetic registration information evening for any of the programs or activities that are going to be offered throughout the summer within our area,” said Dani Ducross, Executive Director of the CLLA. 

The Active Living Fair is usually hosted in the fall, showing off several activities, and programs people can become involved with over our long winter months ahead. The Spring Active Living Fair, will also show off some of Lacombe’s local tourist destinations as well as spring and summer programs people can become involved with. 

“When we do the fall one, we get a fantastic group of programs but what we don't see is a lot of the opportunities that come out and present themselves for the spring and summer.  Things like the summer camps, even summer school, or things that we can do with families or friends, if you have visitors coming out to Lacombe so it's almost the more touristy things that are available in our area,” Ducross explained. 

Local organizations still have time to take part for $30 a table to help cover the costs of the Lacombe Memorial Centre. 

“What I am encouraging them all to do is have something people can register for, whether it's a newsletter or a program that are running volunteers. We're always trying to promote that connection between these types of events and opportunities to volunteer, so we'll also be enhancing that,” added Ducross. 

The event will be for people of all ages including children. If you are unable to go, keep an eye out of the CLLA’s Spring and Summer Community Programs and Activity Guide which should be in the mail box of Lacombe County residents shortly. The guide will also provide information on the local opportunities happening throughout the spring and summer. 

The Spring Active Living Fair will take place on will be happening tonight from 4:00 to 7:30 PM at the Lacombe Memorial Centre. For more information, you can visit their social media page here.