The City of Lacombe is performing unidirectional flushing throughout the summer in order to maintain water quality. Annually the service is completed in different sections of the City and this years flushing will effect the southern part of the City. 

“It's a proactive, preventative maintenance activity that clears our water mains of any debris buildup and provides an opportunity for crews to test our valves isolation valves and hydrants to make sure they're running and operating as they should be,” said Jordan Thompson, Director of Operations and Planning for the City of Lacombe. 

Residents are encouraged not to use water in their homes while the process is being done but signs will posted during that time period. 

“The crews will be operating in those areas doing the flushing each flush is about 3 to 15 minutes, depending on the hydrant. While crews will be in the area for 10 days, certainly no one will be out of water during that time. It might see a pressure drop because when we open the hydrants the water flushes though and they might see a pressure drop, but certainly there is no planned water interruptions during any of this activity,” explained Thompson. 

If someone does lose their water or water pressure during the process and they have concerns Thompson recommends calling Public Works. 

“The way we have to flush the lines is we have to close off certain valves and isolate certain mains so that the water does always flush in one direction, and so when we close off a valve, it's possible that another valve that's supposed to be open is closed or something needs to be addressed,” said Thompson. 

Another thing residents may also experience is a bit of discoloration in their water. However, Thompson says it shouldn’t be concerning. 

“It's not a health concern. It's an aesthetic concern. Part of maintaining high water quality is a combination of ensuring that the water meets minimum health requirements but also that the water looks clear and so if residents do find that their water is discolored we’re advising them to run their tap for 15 minutes just to make sure that the water is clear in their homes and that usually resolves it,” explained Thompson. 

In the meantime, Thompson encourages Lacombe residents to pay attention to any signs that may be in their neighbourhoods and as always, any traffic accommodations in place to protect City workers. Anyone who may have questions and concerns are encouraged to contact Public Works at 403-782-1261. 

The approximate dates are as follows:

Map of area. Image courtesy of the City of Lacombe Facebook page. 
Map of area. Image courtesy of the City of Lacombe Facebook page. 
Map of area. Image courtesy of the City of Lacombe Facebook page.