April 7, 2022, will be the fourth annual Green Shirt Day in support of organ donor awareness. One Lacombe resident named Rhonda Shaw is hoping to see the community become involved by donning a green shirt and signing up for organ donation. 

Shaw has personally experienced the positive aspects of organ donation after donating her own kidney. She is hoping that others consider signing up for the life-saving service. 

“My husband found himself in a position where he was in need of a kidney and just about 17 and a half years ago, I became his living donor. We were a match and he is successfully living with my organ to this day. Green Shirt Day actually came into play because of the Humboldt bus crash where one of the players, Logan Boulet recently signed up as an organ donor and his family honored his wishes by donating his organs,” explained Shaw. 

Boulet’s organs were able to improve the lives of six people after he succumbed to his injuries in 2018. It is estimated that 150,000 people registered to become an organ donor after hearing Boulet’s story. The Humboldt defenseman was inspired to donate his organs by a rugby coach in Lethbridge and family friend of the Boulet's, Ric Suggitt who passed away of a brain aneurysm. Suggitt’s donation was also able to improve the lives of six people. 

Shaw says you can save up to eight lives when you sign up as a living donor.

“Once we've completed our lives here on this Earth, our organs could go so far in enhancing the lives of so many others. It's just a selfless act to donate and improve the quality of life for someone else to enjoy their remaining time on this Earth as well,” said Shaw. 

You can sign up to become an organ donor by clicking here, or by visiting your local registries office. 

“You must give your consent and be 18-years-old or older to be an organ and tissue donor. It is so important to discuss your desire to be an organ donor with family members so that when the time comes, they are aware of your wishes and they are able to carry those through,” explained Shaw. 

The Canadian Transplant Association says there are more than 4,100 Canadians awaiting a transplant.