Lacombe Junior High School will be holding a Heritage Fair happening tomorrow that is open to the public.

Jeff Mason, an English and Social Studies teacher, explains what a heritage fair is. "The heritage fair that we have done for the past seven or eight years is very similar to a science fair. Instead of students researching a science project, they are doing an historical inquiry project on some kind of Canadian event or topic."

For the heritage fair, Mason talks about what kinds of items the students use for their presentations. "We provide the students with a tri-fold display, then they research the topic that they are interested in, and then they are asked to write a report on the questions and facts that they find on the event. After that they use the display to present in front of others to answer questions."

As far as any presentations from the past, Jeff Mason said that one student did a presentation on the Toronto Stock exchange that went all the way to the National Heritage Fair Competition, and she ended up winning for all of Alberta.

Coming up on May 11th, Lacombe Junior High will also be hosting a Regional Heritage Fair which will include the Calgary area and Central Alberta. Usually this event is held in Calgary.

For the Heritage fair tomorrow, Mason says everyone is welcome. " We really encourage members of the community to come and attend and we have a number of people coming to judge.

The fair runs from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Lacombe Junior High School.