Organizers with the Lacombe Days are inviting local business owners to come out for a brainstorming session this evening.

As they plan for the 2017 festival, they're hoping local businesses will be able to help them generate some ideas for new events.

Organizer Chris Ross says he's thankful for the cash donations businesses donate, but volunteering is just as important.

"I really believe that if you get involved, that involvement and recognition that you're out and about in the community putting on events is far more valuable. Cash donations are a huge part of Lacombe Days when it comes to what we can put on for the community. But we want more activities, and we can't put those on without more volunteers, groups, and organizations coming forward."

The four-day festival runs from July 27th-30th this year, and organizers of the event want to get a jump on planning the best event yet.

Ross says they'd really like to come up with a few more events targeted for young adults in the 20 to 30 year old range.

"In the future we've looked at the possibility of a concert or a mud bog. But it takes a lot of organization. It's great to hear the events, but it's even better if we could have more people volunteer their time to make it happen. The hands on part is the most difficult to deliver."

You can help by giving your thoughts and ideas tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the LMC's County Room.