Local business owners made their way out to the Lacombe Memorial Centre last night to provide input on what they would like to see at Lacombe Days this year.

As they plan for this year's festival, organizers are looking for both volunteers and sponsors along with input to generate some new ideas for events.

Talks are underway to bring back the car events and mud bogs.

Event Coordinator Rosanna Kerekes said, some of the feedback she's heard from the community includes the need for businesses to extend their hours.

"They've been a little disappointed that businesses haven't been open while they are here to enjoy the weekend. So possibly being open on Sunday or being open for a little bit longer hours during the weekend."

Jacqueline Fisher who sits on the events board, explained some of the changes local business owners have suggested.

"Maybe a Mayor's breakfast, or changing some of the days of the events, maybe having them on a Thursday for lunchbox theatre versus having it on the Friday, and getting the movie theatre and the new virtual reality arcade involved, which is something we hadn't even talked about at the board level."

The four day festival runs from July 27th to the 30th and is Lacombe's biggest event of the year.