The County of Lacombe is reminding local residents to exercise caution around farm equipment. The harvest season has begun and drivers will be more likely to see farm equipment out on the roads. 

“Lacombe County is an agricultural community, as well as a tourist destination and high-traffic corridor between several major centres,” said Lacombe County Reeve Barb Shepherd. “With that in mind, road courtesy is important no matter where you are driving, and we ask everyone to practice patience on local roads – whether you’re driving in Lacombe County or venturing elsewhere in the province.”

Large and slow moving vehicles will be frequenting our local roads. It is important that drivers exercise patience and accommodate the extra time that may be needed to get to their destinations with equipment on the roads. 

“We are a rural county, and during harvest season we ask both agricultural producers, travellers and day-to-day drivers using County roads to stay alert, stay patient and stay safe,” stated Reeve Shepherd.

Here are some tips on staying safe from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry:

  • Ensure safe transport of equipment on public roadways.
  • Be aware of motorists.
  • Follow all rules of the road.
  • Ensure all lights and reflectors are in place and in good working order. A slow-moving vehicle emblem should be in place and visible from the rear.
  • Return equipment to transport mode to make it as narrow as possible.
  • Check your route before transport to ensure equipment fits safely under power lines and over bridges or culverts that need to be crossed.