A fatal structure fire took place in Mirror yesterday evening (December 20, 2022). A home located on 47th Street in Mirror has been destroyed.  

“We received the call initially at 8:30 yesterday. Basically, we were called out to a fully involved. structure fire in Mirror,” said Drayton Bussiere, Lacombe County Fire Chief  

Crews were on scene for almost 12 hours battling the blazes. The current weather conditions did not make anything easier for local fire crews.  

“We were dealing with extreme cold temperatures that created unique issues for crews on scene. It was an older home and a balloon frame construction, which is kind of an older style and unique style of construction that creates its own problems with fighting fire. So that, kind of combined with the fatality on scene is the reason why it was such a long incident,” explained Bussiere.  

Bussiere says there is a lot of things to consider when dealing with a large-scale fire in extreme weather conditions.  
“The biggest thing really is trying to prevent our equipment from freezing. In temperatures like we had last night, if we shot the nozzle all the way off it’s frozen and unsuable in seconds. That's something we have to be careful of. And just keeping trucks running properly and all of our members healthy and not getting frostbite or getting wet. It's a unique thing when you're fighting fire in a minus 40 wind chill,” he added.  

The cause of the fire has not been determined yet but the incident did result in the death of the male homeowner.