Lacombe City Council approved a pilot project from Roll Technologies Inc. (Roll) to launch a new shared micro-mobility program in the community, starting in Summer 2022.

Council’s endorsement permits Roll to pilot their E-Scooters in Lacombe for a period of two years, at their own cost.

“Council is excited to approve this project, allowing Roll’s E-Scooters into our community,” Mayor Grant Creasey said. “This unique transportation model has proven popular, convenient, and functional in many communities throughout the country, and I am confident our residents will benefit from this new transportation option. I look forward to seeing our citizens safely use these E-Scooters throughout our paths, sidewalks, and roads.”

The approval stipulates that E-Scooters can travel no faster than 20 km per hour and are allowed on paved trails, empty sidewalks, and roadways with a speed limit of 50 km per hour or lower. Scooters are not permitted on highways and users must be over the age of 16 years old to ride.

The E-Scooters will run on a Roll app-based program, where users scan a QR code to gain access to a scooter. Riders are then permitted to drive anywhere within the designated service area and subsequently park the scooter anywhere within that same area.

Roll will work with the city to determine:

  • Slow-speed zones
  • No-ride zones
  • No parking zones

To ensure safety, riders can request a free helmet shipped to them via the Roll website and Roll also uses cognitive tests to prevent drunk driving. 5432 56th Avenue Lacombe, AB T4L 1E9 (403) 782-6666

A patrol team will be seen throughout Lacombe relocating improperly parked scooters and ensuring E-Scooters throughout the City are charged.

Roll has also committed to promoting local businesses through sharing advertisements, offers, and promotions via their app The City is currently working on a launch day with Roll and estimates E-Scooters will be available in Lacombe in July 2022. Be sure to follow the City’s website and social media channels for further updates on the pilot program.