Lacombe Fire Department responded to a fire at Milly Oak Café and Catering on August 28, 2023. Emergency crews were called to the scene at 6:42PM.  

“The restaurant was full of patrons at the time of the fire. An evacuation was still in progress when Lacombe Car 1 first arrived on scene,” said Jason Fleming, Lacombe Fire Department Chief.  

The neighbouring businesses were also evacuated however the fire was contained to just the restaurant.  

“They weren’t affected by the fire. The fire was contained within a wall within Milly Oak’s restaurant kitchen. It was a slow burning fire within a kitchen wall,” added Fleming.  

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.  

Emergency crews were on site for an hour and half. There was a mutual aid response for Blackfalds Fire but at the time of their arrival their assistance was not needed.  

“Fire department personnel did an amazing job. The fire was quickly extinguished with minimal damage to the restaurant itself. Hopefully, the restaurant can resume business shortly,” added Fleming.  

The owner of Milly Oak Café and Catering has stated on the business’s Facebook page that they will be closed until further notice while they assess the damages and perform repairs.  

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