It’s time to nominate your favourite business for the Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Business of the Year Awards. Every year, the Chamber celebrates local businesses with the Business of the Year Awards.  

“There's so many good reasons to nominate businesses. We have so many. We are so lucky in Lacombe we have so many fantastic businesses that serve us in such a variety of ways. I don’t think they're very responsive and I have such good feedback from the businesses in Lacombe, but I don't think it'll be hard at all for people to nominate in the categories that we've got,” said Executive Director of the Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce, Jeffrey Hangar.  

The seven nomination categories include the following: 

  • Small Business of the year (1-9 employees) 
  • Large Business of the year (10+ employees)
  • Agricultural business/ organization of the year 
  • Not for profit of the year 
  • Citizen of the year 
  • Lifetime Achievement award 
  • People’s choice for customer service 

“Every day, these businesses open up their shops, they can serve people in the Lacombe area every single day. They're there to make sure that you get the value that you need, the service that you need, and nine times out of ten exactly when you want things and how you want you want services. That's just what they do. There's a lot of services, a lot of companies out there that go well beyond that, and they work a lot harder than that to meet your needs and it would be great to get them recognized through this way,” said Hangar. 

Local businesses are still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, Hangar says several businesses are struggling to find employees. However, with less restrictions he’s noticed that many people are taking advantage of getting together in person. 

“Everyone seems to be very happy that things are opening up as long as they open up safely and there's a lot of people that are looking forward to meeting people in person. I've actually seen a trend away from the Zoom meetings as well now because people actually want to meet in person so much,” said Hangar. 

Hangar believes the pandemic has changed the way people work saving time and money in some areas. 

Business of the year nomination forms are available online here, or you can submit your nominations by calling the Chamber at 403-782-4300. Nominations will close on Friday, July 8th. 

The Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce will also be hosting a summer kick-off event on Wednesday, June 15, for more information on that, click here.