The Town of Innisfail has been selected as the host of the 2022-23 Energy Futures Roadshow. The roadshow consists of a series of public workshops delivered in partnership with the Energy Futures Lab via the Town’s newest initiative, the Innisfail Energy Hub. 

Members of the Innisfail area business community, Indigenous communities, the general public, NGOs and equity-seeking groups are encouraged to engage in community workshops centered on creating a prosperous future for the region as the energy transition unfolds. These workshops, facilitated by the Energy Futures Lab team, are designed to support community action on collaborative, actionable projects with tangible community benefits. 

In past years, the Energy Futures Lab roadshows were held in multiple communities across Alberta and have seeded exceptional grassroots initiatives. In the new partnership model, the Energy Futures Lab is offering the opportunity to work closely with a single municipality for one year. This is particularly exciting as it will allow for additional support and facilitation of the community projects arising from the Innisfail Energy Hub. 

The Innisfail region has contributed to Alberta’s energy sector for generations, and seeks to remain an energy leader as the sector transitions to fulfill future energy needs. As indicated in the May 9, 2022 Energy Policy Document, The Town of lnnisfail strives to reduce the energy consumption and ecological footprint of the organization and the community through a collaborative effort to increase education, awareness, and understanding of energy management. The formation of the Innisfail Energy Hub is a step toward diversification, encouraging community dialogue around energy issues. 

The Town of Innisfail and the Energy Futures Lab share a number of core values. In working with communities across Alberta, the Energy Futures Lab is dedicated to an inclusive and equitable transition to a prosperous net-zero future that leaves no one behind. The Town’s mission to create “an inclusive, entrepreneurial and beautiful community with a connection to the region and each other” is closely aligned with the objectives of the community roadshows, which are made possible with funding from the Government of Canada. 

The Innisfail Energy Hub, in partnership with the Energy Futures Lab is looking forward to working collaboratively with the community to explore the challenges and opportunities arising from Alberta’s energy transition and fostering new ideas to bring additional prosperity to the region.