The Lacombe and District Historical Society will be hosting Katya Chomitzky this Wednesday (August 24) for a virtual discussion on changes in Ukrainian diaspora traditions. The lecture is part of the society’s Virtual Speaker Series. 

“The reason why we're doing virtual is we had planned all of this when the pandemic was still in lockdown five. We had to either plan it or not at all. By doing virtual, it has allowed us to bring in speakers from across the globe,” said Executive Director of the Lacombe and District Historical Society, Melissa Blunden. 

Chomitzky is a recent graduate from the MA in Media and Cultural Studies from the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies at the University Alberta as well as an international Ph.D student at Indiana University Bloomington. Her studies include a special focus on the role of traditional textiles and patterns in modern, transnational contexts, Indigenous studies, embroidery, post-soviet communities, and material culture. 

“This is a free to register event. It's held online via Zoom. You can come or go as you please. There's always time saved at the end for Q&A. If you are a member of the Lacombe  Historical Society, you do have the ability to watch that later.  If you can't make it, we do send out the videos on requests as well,” said Blunden. 

The event will be held at 7PM on August 24, 2022. For more information on the event, click here.