The Lacombe Flying Club’s annual Fly-In Breakfast will be happening once again this year for Lacombe Days. Lacombe Days will be happening from July 16th to 17th and the Fly-In Breakfast will be held from 8:00PM until noon on Sunday, July 17th.  

“Fly-in breakfast is put on by the Lacombe Flying Club every year since 1963. We'll be serving pancakes, eggs, ham, coffee, and orange juice. There will be lots to do around the airport and lots of airplanes to look at, and hopefully, lots of airplanes flying in from other airports. Of course, as usual for the last few years, we'll have a bouncy castle to keep the kids entertained as well as the Vintage Machinery Club’s Barrel Train, which is always a hit with the kids,” explained Jon Fromm, President of the Lacombe Flying Club.  

A number of planes will also be on display including some older historical pieces that are locally owned.  

“There will be a couple of World War II Biplanes an American Trainer Biplane that's been based here for a number of years, as well as a British Tiger Moth Biplane on display. The Tiger Moth was a British Biplane used for training pilots in World War II here in Canada,” added Fromm.  

He noted that some of the older planes can have 80 years or more flying experience and are still safe to fly.  

“You got to look at old airplanes with a certain view. They didn’t get old by being bad,” explained Fromm.  

Last year, the Flying Club was able to host their breakfast as normal but in 2020 the event was cancelled. From says the only thing the Flying Club has not be able to host fully over the course of the last two years was the Twinkle Tours Food Bank fundraiser which is usually held over the holidays.   

Overall, Fromm is looking forward to hosting the City once again. The event is free to attend but tickets for breakfast cost $10 for adults and $5 for kids.