The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is hosting their third annual Big Backyard BioBlitz. This long weekend from July 28 to August 1. They are encouraging people to get outside to enjoy and document the nature around them.  

“Whether you log an invasive plant like leafy spruge, or a rare bird like the loggerhead shrike, every entry counts,” Knight said. “It can provide valuable information such as locating species outside of their usual range or where invasive species are encroaching. This information can be used to identify important habitat for protecting at-risk species,” said Samantha Knight, conservation science manager with NCC. 

Last year, one Albertan observer logged more than 500 species observations and more than 6,500 participants logged over 36,000 observations.  

From backyards to national parks, on lunch break and on vacation, people can snap photos of the species they find around them and submit their observations to one of the largest crowd-sourced species inventories in Canada. 

“Anyone can participate. It’s a great way for people of all ages to look at nature more closely and learn about biodiversity close to home. Spending time outdoors is also beneficial for our physical and mental well-being. This is a great way to connect with nature and fellow nature lovers, while contributing to our collective knowledge of plants, animals and fungi in Canada,” said Knight.  

To join the Big Backyard BioBlitz, you can register here. Once registered, participants will receive a step-by-step guide on how to participate, photography tips, information about species identification, and an automatic entry to win a prize pack.