Lacombe and Bentley schools will be hosting the 2022 Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association’s Handball provincials this weekend. Sixteen tier two teams will be playing provincial championships in the community this year.

Tournament Chair Person, Stephen Lush says the sport is pretty unique.

“It's probably the fastest game with a ball. It's a mix of soccer, baseball, and water polo if you could put it that way. The goalie has a six meter crease that you have to take off from when you jump and you have to let it throw the ball before you land in the crease. The net is 2 by 3 meters, same size as an indoor soccer net and it’s fast. You’re allowed to make contact and hit people to stop them from throwing or attacking. There’s penalties, you serve two minutes for a penalty,” explained Lush.

He says seeing the sport in person is worth the experience.

“When you see it, you buy into the game really quick. It's not the same as what people saw in gym class. They have to actually see it live and go ‘Okay, this is awesome,’” he added.

This will be the first time the association is able to host provincials in two years and lush says only two of his players have experienced what provincials are like before.  

“We've been running practices twice this week and we just finished zones on Saturday and so  I think they are [excited]. I don't think they realize how big it is until it starts to happen,” said Lush.

The games will be place at Bentley School, Lacombe Composite High School, and the Central Alberta Christian High School. Anyone is welcome to come watch the game. Admission is $3 for students and $5 for adults. The games will also be streamed online here.