Lacombe’s Gord Bamford has raised over $143,000 through his Kick COVID in the A** Tour Part 1. The money will benefit the youth across Canada for initiatives that support local youth.  

The Kick COVID in the A** Tour Part 1 made stops throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan supporting 13 community groups. 

“It has always been important to me to never forget how it all began. This small town tour is exactly that, grassroots. The excitement and connection from the fans have been incredible. The timing for the tour was the latter part of the pandemic, and this allowed me to continue to do what I love to do, play music, especially during a time when it was needed the most,” said Gord Bamford. “The added bonus was the give-back component for local community groups. We helped them to raise considerable funds to reinvest into their programs during a time of high need.” 

Bamford also hosted the CCMA- nominated Father’s Day Special and the sold out Drive-In Tour, and the 15th Annual Gord Bamford Charity Golf Classic which helped fundraise $367,000 for the Gord Bamford Foundation. The foundation supports youth in local initiatives that involve music, education, health care, sports, and multi-use facilities. 

Kick COVID in the A** Tour Part 2 will begin later this fall continuing Bamford’s fundraising efforts further.