It’s tax season and the Lacombe Family and Community Support Services wants you to know that doing your taxes doesn’t have to be scary. Families who are considered low-income living in the City or County of Lacombe are eligible for the organization’s free Community Volunteer Income Tax Program which is running this month and until the end of April.

“It is available for individuals who have a maximum total income of $35,000 and a couple who has a maximum total income of 45,000. It is for individuals who have what they consider a simple tax return,” said Jan Pocock, Special Projects and Volunteer Coordinator for the Lacombe FCSS.

You can also add $2,500 to the minimum amount for each individual dependent.

In order to file your taxes you will need your T4’s, T5’s and any other slips that you may have received from the government or have on your CRA app. The Lacombe FCSS office will be able to print those off for you as well as complete your taxes free of charge.

However, for tax situations that are not considered simple, you will have to seek service elsewhere or file them yourself.

“You're it's not considered simple if you are self-employed or if you have any self-employed income, if you have any business or rental income or expenses, if you have any capital gains or losses, if you file for bankruptcy, or we can't complete taxes for a deceased person,” said Pocock.

With restrictions lifted, people are welcome to complete their taxes in whatever way they most feel comfortable with.

“Come on down we want to see your face bring in your papers. We can e-file them here at the Lacombe and District FCSS we'll do a drop off.  If you really need, we can even get you to sit down with a volunteer. So, just call our office and we'd love to help you,” added Pocock.

For more information, you can call the Lacombe FCSS office at 403-782-6637.