It’s looking like we’re in for some warmer than usual temperatures over the next couple of days.

“We’re looking at above normal temperatures. The normal for this time of year is a daytime high of three, and so we've got a lot of daytime highs either double that or right around it this whole week. Then next week, we're looking at an above normal trend as well,” said Sarah Hoffman, Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada.

However, it may not be time to pack away the winter parka just yet.

“We do expect that blustery stormy spring weather to start to take effect. With that you might get some gusty winds and a flurry or sprinkle of rain or two but we're not expecting anything too strong to form,” she added.

So far, she says March has been much cooler than normal so warmer temperatures may be welcome to many.

“After the winter that that cold snap we had in the winter, it probably seems like just nice spring weather, but it was in some parts 10 degrees below normal. We did have a quite a cool start and now we're kind of making up for it,” explained Hoffman.

Hoffman also noted that as of February 28th, it’s been the second driest winter on record for the Red Deer area. However, that statistic does not take into account the most recent snowfall and precipitation in March.