Several new businesses and developments are popping up all over the City of Lacombe. Social media pages are flooded with messages of ‘is it open?” or reviews of newly opened businesses. For Councillor Reuben Konnik who served his first term as councillor in 2010, the developments are not only a long time coming but very exciting.   

“I've been pushing since I've been elected… It was really the end of my second term where the Council of the day had committed to spending significant money to bring services to the West end. Once that was in place, we've seen slowly some development out there with Esso and the little strip mall. It started then already that we were really pushing to see more commercial growth,” said Konnik who is currently acting on behalf of Deputy Mayor.  

The Councillor says it’s been around six to seven years of work on behalf of council but that it had always been one of his own priorities. So far, he says Council hasn’t heard if the newly opened businesses are doing well but that he has noted massive line ups outside of them.  

“We want to see the new businesses come, obviously, but we hope the community gets behind them and support them as well,” he added.  

Konnik looks forward to seeing what kind of opportunities the new developments bring for Lacombe residents, and business owners as more continue to develop.  

“For me, the big push is start getting Canadian Tire to come. When the Canadian Tire comes, I know for a fact many more businesses will come. I know for a fact that many more outside members of other communities will come to Lacombe. And then I also know that yes, there will be new housing starts and there will be more interest of more people to come and actually live here too,” explained Konnik.  

In 2021, the City granted an extension for Canadian Tire to apply for a development permit to build in the City’s East Area Development off of Highway 12. The extension was granted until the end of December of 2022. 

Google maps image that depicts where the East End Development is. The location of the East Area Development. Image courtesy of Google Maps.

Although some Lacombe residents have concerns with attracting a big box store to the City, Konnik believes it will mean more people are spending money in Lacombe.  

“There's some trepidation and some people worried about a big box outlet coming. I still maintain that when they come, it will attract others from outlying communities to come to Lacombe to shop instead of going to Red Deer. Those people will come stop at the big box outlet and then in turn will say, ‘hey, I should probably stop here, and here, and here too’,” said Konnik.  

Overall, the Councillor is thrilled to see the City’s newest developments make way and hasn’t heard any concerns on behalf of the City’s existing businesses, so far.