Here’s a look at the unofficial results for the City and County of Lacombe. 

These results have been provided by the City and County of Lacombe. 

City of Lacombe 

The unofficial results for the City of Lacombe have come in. Out of  an estimated 11,000 voters, only 2,415 cast their vote for council which is a 22 per cent turnout. 

Grant Creasey has acclaimed his second term as Mayor and one new addition to council has been made. 

Scott Dallas will be joining Lacombe Town Council for his first term while incumbent Jonathan Jacobson will be losing his position on council. 

Here are the results: 

  • Wayne Armishaw: 1, 072
  • Scott Dallas: 1,150 (elected)
  • Douglas, W. Sandy (Pepper): 441
  • Don Gullekson: 1,384 (elected)
  • Thalia Hibbs: 1,756  (elected)
  • Cora Hoekstra: 1,642 (elected)
  • Jonathan Jacobson: 1,128 
  • Reuben Konnik: 1,466 (elected)
  • Chris Ross: 1,211 (elected)


County of Lacombe

In the County of Lacombe a few candidates have already acclaimed their positions for their divisions including John Ireland for Division 1, Brenda Knight for Division 2, Barbara Shepherd for Division 3, and Dana Kreil for Division 7. 

Unofficial voting results for the other divisions include: 

Division 4:

  • Ivor Bernatsky: 211
  • Dwayne West: 224 (ELECTED)

Division 5: 

  • Denise Sumner: 78
  • Kenneth Weenink: 295 (ELECTED)
  • Ken White: 147

Division 6: 

  • Gunnar Albrecht: 88
  • Phillip Arthur Randall: 21
  • Allan Wilson: 329 (ELECTED)