An author from Edmonton named Wynne Edwards will be coming to the Mary C. Moore Public Library in Lacombe for a reading of her latest book ‘Goldie Dog on the Job’ on Saturday, August 19th.  

The story is all about a dog named Goldie who is trained to be a service dog but is a bit apprehensive about her role.  

“The story is about her getting the chance to do the job and ending up loving it,” added Edwards.  

Edwards will be at the Library for a reading but will also be selling signed copies of the book.  

“All of the money that we make on this book goes to facilities that train dogs for these for disabled people, or in this case, for people that are in crisis,” added Edwards.  

‘Goldie Dog on the Job’ is Edwards second book about service dogs her first book was ‘A Dog for Uncle Peter’ which is about a guide dog for someone who loses their eye sight.  

The proceeds from both books go towards training service dogs. Edwards has been inspired by her son who needed a guide dog when he lost his vision in his teens.  

“When he got his first dog, we just saw such a change. He gained so much independence by having a dog guide. That inspired us, along with pushing from our daughter to start volunteering she with Dogs with Wings is the name of the organization here that trains dogs and for work and so we volunteered with them for years,” explained Edwards.  

The event will kick off at 1:00PM on Saturday, August 19. 

“We'll be reading and talking about the book and if there's children, it would be just great to read to them,” added Edwards.  

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