Every month, the Lacombe and District Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) hosts a community supper that’s open to the whole community. Since restarting the program after the COVID-19 pandemic, the program has seen some record-breaking numbers this summer.  

“Our community suppers is one of our initiatives that brings everybody together from different walks of life. We get to visit and socialize with our neighbors and meet new people. It is really the volunteer hub of our community,” explained Crystal Zens, Executive Director of the Lacombe and District FCSS. 

Due to the success of the program, the FCSS is in need of more donations to help keep the program in operation. 

“Since we did hit record numbers, we think we're topped out at 240 people served, our donations have gotten quite low. We do take a monetary donation at the door as well, but it's not mandatory. If anyone feel led to give to the community supper, we are in need of funding to keep it going,” said Zens. 

In addition to donations, the FCSS is also looking for volunteers interested in becoming the head chef of the community supper. 

“We are trying to recruit someone who loves to cook and loves to menu plan. We have a great volunteer team behind whoever will take that position. We have about 15 volunteers that come to do all the food prep, and we have volunteers that come to do the serving, and the clean-up.”

Community suppers are open to everyone in the community and happen every third Wednesday of the month. Zens says they’re a great way of bringing the community together. 

“Especially in those dark winter months, getting people out and having something that can kill isolation and provides areal community hub is a pretty special thing our community has for sure!” added Zen. 



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