Lacombe City Council is supporting a proposed  Active Transportation –Crosswalk Improvement Plan, which will help be a crucial resource in the development and improvement of crosswalks in Lacombe

The Active Transportation –Crosswalk Improvement Plan provides analysis and strategy to create pedestrian crossing upgrades consistent with administrative recommendations and the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC).

“Our citizens expect crosswalks to be developed in a manner that is safe, logical and consistent with Lacombe’s vibrant look and feel,” Mayor Grant Creasey said. “This plan allows for long-term planning that meets expectations of our residents and provides an ideal template for future work.”

Based on trends from the last three years, an average annual budget of $70,000 is recommended to support crosswalk upgrades, new installations, and other connectivity improvements. Administration researched several crosswalk improvement requests throughout the community, flagging two for future upgrades, nine for new crosswalk installations and five for further review.

Through this process, Administration identified other criteria, such as sightlines, lighting, and accessible connectivity, that could advance pedestrian safety.Of the crossings analyzed, 14 have deficient sightlines, eight require an illumination review by Fortis, and 14 need upgrades to improve accessible pedestrian connectivity.

Future Crosswalk improvements and installations will be discussed at Council at a later date.