The Town of Sylvan Lake is beginning for Phase 2 of the 50th Avenue redevelopment project today which means there will be a single lane closure on 50th Avenue between 38 Street and 45 Street. 

The redevelopment project was started due to aging infrastructure. The Town of Sylcan says that 50th Avenue is one of the most widely used roads in Sylvan Lake for both residents and visitors.  Phase one of the redevelopment was started in 2019 and is now complete.

Phase two of the redevelopment will include the following:

  • Full removal and replacement of all concrete and road structure,
  • Addition of storm water mains and catch basins,
  • Replacement of water main from 40 street to 45 street,
  • Replacement of underground house services,
  • Addition of a 2.5m sidewalk,
  • Addition of traffic calming measures, and
  • Burial of overhead powerlines and house electrical services.

This phase of the project is believed to improve the strength of water mains, water drainage, pedestrian safety, and make the area more visually appealing. 

Photo of map of area.