Clearview has experienced a security breach involving applicants to Clearview jobs through the website. Clearview is currently taking steps to respond to the breach.

During the period of December 13 to December 15, 2022, a third-party illegally accessed our Clearview Public Schools’ account on the website.  As Clearview uses as a recruitment tool for support staff, information on current and potential support staff who used in their application for a position was accessed.

Based on the investigation of the privacy breach to date, the third-party may have collected private information of individuals including the individuals’ personal and private information contained in resumes and applications.  Private and personal information accessed may include an individual's name, contact information, work history, or other such information provided to a potential employer.  Further, the third-party used the account to communicate to applicants on possible job opportunities with a link to collect private information or engage in illegal acts.  The third-party may use the private and personal information collected to engage in malicious activities.

As part of the breach, the third-party that accessed the account deleted the history of applicants through the website, preventing full knowledge of all impacted by this privacy breach.  Clearview Public Schools is reviewing applications stored in our human services database to identify individuals that may be impacted by the breach in private information.  Clearview has available information to 2019 and estimates that over 800 individuals may be impacted, with the actual number of those impacted unknown due to the absence of information. Clearview has also reached out to for assistance on this matter.

In response to this breach Clearview Public Schools has suspended the previous account and the associated E-mail account that collected application information.  Individuals identified that may be impacted by the breach will be contacted to inform them of the breach to mitigate any harm.  Clearview Public Schools is also reviewing and investigating the cause of the privacy breach to minimize the risk of a similar act occurring.

“We sincerely apologize for the breach in privacy and for those who have trusted us with their information,” says Scot Leys, Superintendent of Clearview Public Schools. “We take privacy seriously and will be doing everything in our power to respond to this situation, including investigation into the cause of the breach to minimize the risk of a similar event in the future. We will also respond legally if and when that becomes possible. If further information becomes available we will share that as well.” 

Leys says Clearview would like to caution individuals who may be impacted by the breach. He advises, “If you are contacted by Clearview Public Schools relating to a suspicious job opportunity or you receive communications requesting any personal information through telephone, E-mail, or an individual’s account, we advise you to not click on any links or provide any personal information.”

If there are questions regarding the breach, please contact Clearview by email at