Our last Classroom of the Month went out with a bang at Ponoka Elementary School with Mrs. Grahn’s Grade 4 Class. What a lively bunch! 

We grabbed their pizzas from Ponoka's Boston Pizza and their class was so big Sunny could barely carry all the pizzas out but we pulled through and got them out the door. 

Mrs. Grahn has such a clever class. Sunny was laughing so hard at their jokes we couldn’t get him off of the ground. They also have the cutest family of ducklings living just outside their classroom window. 

Every single one of Mrs. Grahn’s students entered to be Classroom of the Month. Sunny felt so lucky to be around so many friends. 

They sure LOVED their gifts from our sponsors. We had so much fun with them. 

This is the last Classroom of the Month for this school year but we look forward to visiting with all classes next school year. We hope all students and teachers have a blast this summer!