The City of Lacombe has made some changes to their On-Street Patio Policy.

The updated policy clarifies that patio furniture does not impede emergency service connections, storm drainage gutters, catch basins, and adjacent buildings and exits. Third-party utilities may also remove portions of patio to access infrastructure.  

It will also allow businesses to include bistro table sets outside of their establishments. Bistro tables will allow one set of table and chairs for every three metres of street frontage per business. They are limited to two chairs per table and for businesses without patios in place. 

“Since its inception the On Street Patio Policy has allowed Lacombe businesses to serve customers through innovative ways that attract new investment to our community,” Mayor Grant Creasey said. “This updated policy will allow more businesses to benefit from outdoor dining options while enhancing the look and feel of our downtown.”

Patio season runs from May 1st to October 15th each year. For more information on the On-Street Patio Policy, click here.